Document Your Days: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Photographing Life With Your Phone

I’m so excited that you are about to join me on the journey of documenting the everyday
beauty of your story. Document Your Days is all about teaching you to make the most of the camera you always have with you- your phone- and using it to take not just snapshots, but gorgeous images that capture the beauty of you story as it’s lived out in front of you.

In this 40 page Ebook you’ll learn all about:

  • Learn all about why I think you SHOULD be taking photos on your phone: Why you should stop stressing about having to use a “fancy” camera!
  • Learn the basics of your iPhone camera: Learn to master the basics so you can take better pictures!
  • Composing your pictures to capture the beauty in the every day:  Learn my top tips for taking BEAUTIFUL pictures that document your every day story.
  • My favorite camera and editing apps: learn about some of the best apps for making the job of documenting your days so much easier!
  • How to get your photos off your phone and into your hands for you to enjoy: Stop letting your photos live on your phone and discover simple ways to have them printed and enjoyed in your home.