Ready to get rid of those blank walls and create a gallery wall filled with all your favorite photos?

  • How high do I hang my pictures on the wall?
  • How do I layout my gallery wall before putting it on my wall?
  • How far apart should each of the images in my gallery be?
  • How do I space images around furniture?

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Gallery wall gone wrong? Yeah....I've been there.

A little over 10 years ago I was newly married and decorating our first home. I quickly discovered that anything involving a hammer and nails and getting anything to hang relatively level on the wall was not my strength.  My husband even went to far as to ban me from trying to hang anything on the walls without his supervision!

We laugh about this now, but only because my skills have improved and after a lot of time spent putting together wall arrangements for our family photos (and some lessons from my husband on how to use a level) I've come a long way. I'm now allowed to hang pictures on the wall and I've taken what I've learned over the years to put into a list of favorite tips to share just with you!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you