The Girl's Guide to Buying a Camera

The camera buying guide you need to pick the best camera for your needs...

Buying a new camera should be fun!  Take the stress out of buying wth my simple camera buying guide. 

  • Find out which brands are best!
  • Discover what priorities matter most when picking a camera
  • Learn all the terms you need to know to make an informed purchase
  • Plus! Get access to live video training to walk your through the process of buying a Dslr camera

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How do I know which camera is best??

Hey friend! So you’ve decided to invest in a Fancy Pants DSLR? I’m so excited for you!! Maybe you’ve decided that as great as the pictures on your phone are, you want to get a better quality photo . Or maybe you’ve decided that the point and shoot just isn’t cutting it anymore and you want something you can control more and be more creative with.

Whatever your reason for upgrading your camera, the process of buying a fancy DSLR can be intimidating if you are just getting into the world of photography.

What if I still need help after reading the guide?

I love photography! But let's be honest, all those complicated terms and fancy camera names can get a little confusing! The Girls Guide to Buying a Camera offers simple explanations to guide your through your purchase. And, because I know some of us need to have things explained verbally- I'll be sharing live video training on my facebook page to go along with the camera buying guide! Even if you can't tune in live, you can watch the replay! And of course I'm only ever an email away- I'd be happy to answer your questions!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you