Simi Valley Photographer: Goal Setting

My goal and mantra for my business is “Live your story and tell it with photos”. And as I process through this whole idea of intentionality and purpose I keep coming back to this idea of story. What do I want my story to look like this year? What do I want my family’s story to look like this year? As I’ve processes through these questions I keep coming back to this one word. INTENTIONAL. I want my year to be one filled with Intentionality and PURPOSE as a wife, as a mom, as a friend, and as a photographer, and business owner. And yet I know my own tendency in the midst of the craziness of life is to be reactionary and not be purposeful.  I also KNOW when that happens I’m missing out on so many opportunities to pour into the people around me, to love on my kids, and my husband and build with purpose into my relationships.


So here are a few simple ways I’m working to make this whole goal of being INTENTIONAL a reality. They may see a little- well, not what you were expecting. But hang with me- I promise they all come around to this whole idea of living with intention.

ways I’m being intentional this year:

  1. I’m Running more. Guys i’m one of those crazy people who doesn’t run with music or headphones or anything. I just run and it’s when I do my best thinking and processing. It’s when I get a lot of praying done. But over the last year or so my mileage has plummeted and with it all of that great thinking time. I figure this goal is a win-win. I increase my fitness while also gaining more think time to process and plan to be intentional.
  2. I’ve started journaling again. I’ve journaled pretty much since I knew how to write (you know, in the pink Lisa Frank diary with the lock and key). But just like running as life has gotten more busy journaling was one of the first things to become more sporadic and eventually non-existent. I picked up my journal on Sunday for the first time in months and it was so good to start to put pen to paper and write out all that I’ve been thinking through and processing. There really is something about sitting down and hand writing
    things out that just gives clarity. Maybe it’s how writing it out forces you to slow down. I’m looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of putting my thoughts on paper.
  3. I’ve started a personal photo project. This is something I’ve done at various times, typically by doing a Project 365 (taking one photo a day for the year), but this year I really wanted something more specific that would help me grow as a photographer and also help me grow in my desire to be more intentional this year. This year I’m aiming to take one lifestyle or documentary style portrait of each of my kids, each week of the year. I am so excited to use this as an opportunity to really capture and document each of my three kids with their individual personalities and the things I want to remember about them at this stage of life. I also think it will so fun to see all of these together at the end of the year and see how they change and grow over the course of the year.

Join me on the journey

So there you have it. Three simple things I’m doing to live with intention this year.  I’ll be sharing more on these goals throughout the year over on Instagram and would love to see how you live out your own goals this year and tell your stories. Use the hashtag #documentyourdays and tag me in your photos over on Instagram as we work towards this goal of living our stories with purpose and intention this year.