There's just something about this time of year; a sense of freedom and adventure that comes as the temperatures start to heat up and the days get longer.

While life may be just as busy as ever we feel the freedom to linger a little longer, making memories with the ones we love.

Want 30 summer photo prompts to help you document your summer story?


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Want to work together to record your story in photos?

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Screen shot the list of prompts below and use the list all summer long to help inspire you to record your story! Share you photos on Instagram and tag them #30photosofsummer

Why a Summer Photo Challenge?

The little bit of added margin in our lives as we swap busy school year schedules for our summer lives makes this the perfect time of year to focus on documenting your story with the ones you love.

As a family photographer, I am all about capturing real, authentic emotions and relationships in my portraits. I want my photos to tell your story.

But I also know that the majority of that story is played out in the everyday, which at time can seem mundane and routine. I truly believe that sometimes the change of perspective that happens when you take a picture  can help foster an attitude of thankfulness for the beauty that exists in your everyday.

Sometimes stepping back just long enough to take a photo that tells your story is all it takes to help you see the beauty in the mundane and simple moments of life.

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While the point of this whole project is to help you enjoy the memories you make this summer, I would still LOVE to see how this stretches your creativity by having you join me over on Facebook or Instagram!

At the end of each month this summer I'll be giving away some fun prizes  (think summer treats!)  And For all of you who are locals (inside Ventura County,CA)  you have the chance to win a mini photo session with me at the end of the summer!  All you have to do is:

1. Post your summer photo challenge photos on Instagram or in the 30 photos of summer Facebook group and be sure to tag them #30photosofsummer

2. Tag @jennystarkeyphotography in the the photo as well

EACH photo you post is one entry into the drawing! Which means you could have up to 30 entries!! Prizes for each month will be based on entries within that month. The mini session giveaway will be based on all entries over the summer.

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