What to Wear Wednesday- A Whimsy Woodsy Theme

For this week’s What to Wear, I wanted explore a concept that I have been seeing a lot lately: Woodsy, Earthy, a little “Lumberjack-y??” Well whatever you call it, I love it! Here is a photo shoot I found of an adorable family that I thought nailed this concept with their wardrobe.

Photo Credit
Photo Credit

Comfy sweaters, warm pops of color, and a little plaid is just what this look calls for. Throw in a worn quilt and the only other thing you would need is some cooperative  kids! Looks like fall can’t come soon enough! Let’s go SoCal, didn’t you get the memo? Anyways, here’s a little collection I put together to give you some ideas.

Woodsy Photo Shoot Wardrobe Ideas
Until next week! xoxo- Christie

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