What to Wear Wednesday- A Whimsy Woodsy Theme

For this week’s What to Wear, I wanted explore a concept that I have been seeing a lot lately: Woodsy, Earthy, a little “Lumberjack-y??” Well whatever you call it, I love it! Here is a photo shoot I found of an adorable family that I thought nailed this concept with their wardrobe.

Photo Credit
Photo Credit

Comfy sweaters, warm pops of color, and a little plaid is just what this look calls for. Throw in a worn quilt and the only other thing you would need is some cooperative Β kids! Looks like fall can’t come soon enough! Let’s go SoCal, didn’t you get the memo? Anyways, here’s a little collection I put together to give you some ideas.

Woodsy Photo Shoot Wardrobe Ideas
Until next week! xoxo- Christie

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