3 Ways to Make the Most of a Mini Session

October is here and with it you’ve probably seen a few photographers offering mini sessions! Like many family photographers I offer mini sessions just a couple times a year. These popular sessions are a great way to update your family photos or get the perfect Christmas card photo. A mini session is typically offered at a discounted price and will often include some product or digital files as part of the package.

So are you ready for your mini session? After several years of  shooting mini sessions and after taking to several of my favorite photographers, here are the top 3 ways you can make the most of a mini session:

3 ways to make the most of your mini session

1. Communicate your priorities to your photographer ahead of time. A mini session is short; it’s only a fraction of the time that’s covered in a full session. Because of the limited time you will be limited in the number of different poses or groupings you’ll be able to get. Do you really need an updated picture of your whole family? Or is a picture of just the kids for the Christmas card most important to you? Know what your priority shot is ahead of time and communicate that to your photographer. Photographers want to deliver the images that you want and need so don’t be afraid to tell us what types of photos are a priority! Make sure to do this ahead of time so you can use all of your session for taking photos 😉

mini session southern california


2. Show up a few minutes early. Most photographers book mini sessions back to back. Show up a few minutes early so you are ready to go as soon as your time slot arrives. Arriving a few minutes ahead of time also gives you the chance to relax for a few minutes and not go into your session rushed and stressed.

3. Let kids be kids.  When you are stressed about getting the perfect Christmas card photo it’s easy to worry about how your kids are behaving for pictures. Don’t worry about them being too silly or goofy – those often end up being the best pictures! And if you’re worried about the occasional meltdown or reluctant smile, bring a few treats along as an on the spot reward, or use the promise of ice cream or dinner out after photos as an incentive.


Ready to book your mini session? Holiday mini sessions are now booking! Click HERE to find out more! Need help planning what to wear?