How to Avoid Blurry Photos and get Sharp, In-focus Photos Everytime

Whether you are professional photographer, self-proclaimed mom-tog, or just trying to snap a quick photo we all want to avoid blurry photos. We want sharp and in-focus images. While there are multiple reasons why a photo could turn out blurry, the most common problem is simple camera shake. Basically, this means the camera moved (maybe even imperceptibly) when the picture was taken. The simplest way to avoid blurry photos is to reduce camera shake.

Although the best way to avoid camera shake is to use a tripod, I’m going to assume that most of you out there are simply trying to capture memories that tell your story as they are happening, and honestly, a tripod is not the most convenient way to do that. A tripod isn’t the only way to avoid blurry photos. Let me share with you 3 simple things you can do to avoid blurry photos.

All of the tips here can be used on any camera- from a fancy-pants dslr, to a point and shoot or even your phone! And, true confession, I’m the worst at getting sharp in focus photos on my phone! If you are a mom you know what it’s like to try to hold ALL the things with one hand while also snapping a photo with the other hand. Let’s just all admit that this setup rarely results in a sharp, in-focus photo!

So assuming that you have first put down all the things that you are holding 😉 Here are a few more tips to help you reduce Camera shake whether you are taking photos with your point-and-shoot, dslr, or even your phone.


3 ways to avoid blurry photos:

1. Elbows In.

Simple enough right? By pulling in your elbows you automatically stabilize your arms against your body, making your hands less shaky as you are taking a picture.

2. Use a table or other surface to stabilize your arms. 

As you are out and about taking pictures you most likely aren’t carrying a tripod along with you. However, you can use whatever you have available to help stabilize your arms and camera. Something as simple as setting your elbows down on a table or solid surface as you take a picture helps stabilize your camera.  (you could also set your camera down on the surface as well, if convenient). If you are kneeling down to photograph your kids you can even stabilize by placing your elbows on your knees. You get the point- any solid surface you can use to support your arms.

3. Push the shutter button gently.

This is something you probably don’t think of too often, but when you mash down that button to take your picture, you care actually causing camera shake. Be gentle as you depress the button to avoid moving you camera as the shot is taken. If you are taking a picture on your phone I recommend not using the button on you screen but one of the side buttons on your phone to reduce movement.

So There you have it! Three simple ways to avoid the camera shake which so often results in blurry photos! Get out your camera today and try this simple tips and see if they work for you!

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