5 Beginner Photography Tips : Capturing the Everyday

As a professional photographer I love getting to tell a family’s story through photos. But the reality is that the majority of your story is not lived out in front of my camera. With that in mind I put together my top beginner photography tips to help you to capture your story no matter what your skill level. The goal of these 5 beginner photography tips is to teach you to see the beauty in your story and equip you with the skills you need to capture them!

In this post here, I talked about the first of five beginner photography tips designed to help you take beautiful and natural looking photos that tell your story. Today, let’s talk all about tip number two – capture the everyday!  Watch the video as I talk through the importance of telling your everyday story in photos or read below to find out more!

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5 Beginner photography tips-  capture the everyday

We all love photos taken in gorgeous settings and of course in the perfect outfit. But what makes your story uniquely and beautifully yours is the moments that unfold in the private spaces of your home. While our first tip was all about the importance of picking up your camera everyday. Tip #2 is all about capturing the everyday.

Don’t wait for the perfect setting, or even the perfectly clean home to record your story. Capture the messes of life as part of your story and open your eyes to the beauty that is life being lived out in front of you- with all of its glorious mess.

What photos of everyday life can tell your story? Mess and all!

Think through your life right now. What are the everyday moments of life that would tell your story right now? The reality if you have little kids is that life is messy! But when you start to look at it from the perspective of what around me tells our story right now then the mess can become a beautiful part of telling that story.

Need some real life examples?  We’ve had rainy weather here this last week and my kids have been thrilled by it- they love getting to go out in the rain and tromp around in their rain boots. This of course makes it impossible to keep my floors clean. Now, I could be really annoyed by all the mess and muck that get’s tracked in as a result OR I could choose to see this as part of life well lived and capture and document this as part of our story by taking photos of my kids playing in the rain and maybe even taking a few shots of our messy floor with the rain boots all lined up afterwards.

Photograph all of life’s little moments and little details. Don’t let the mud and mess, and sticky hands that fill this season of life stop you from seeing the beauty that comes with a life will lived. Capture the mundane and the everyday. Capture the overflowing laundry baskets and the muddy footprints. Photograph it all because it tells the story of your family now.

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Don’t be afraid to “spot clean” the mess before you take your photo.

I know I just finished saying that you should embrace the mess and find the beauty in it. Well, you should but maybe not always! There are times where I want to capture the moment as it’s happening, but I don’t want the basket of laundry or the toys scattered on the floor to be a distraction from the real moment that I am trying to capture. As a photographer I want each photo to tell a story and sometimes the story I want to tell through a photo isn’t about all the mess of life. Sometimes it’s just about the person you are trying to photograph.

There is nothing wrong with moving things and  clearing the space that will be in the photo so that your subject is the focus without any distraction. You as the photographer and creator of the image get to decide what you want to focus on and if that pile of laundry in the background keeps you from seeing the beauty of you child at play then move it!

Be sure to download all 5 tips and start taking beautiful photos that tell your story!

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