Beginner Photography Tips: Pick up Your Camera!

We all want quick and easy results,  right? We want workout that will be the easiest to do while still giving us the best and fastest results. And while that’s not always super realistic, I think many of us feel the same way when it comes to beginner photography tips. If that’s true of you then you are in the right place! And while I can’t promise instant results I do think this one tip is the best way to see improvement in your beginner photography skills.

This quite possibly is the simplest beginner photography tip you will ever hear from me.  You can do this no matter what kind of camera you have…fancy pants dSLR OR just the phone on you camera! And no matter where your skill level is this one thing can have THE biggest impact on your photography.

Want to know what my number one beginner photography tip is?

Beginner Photography Tips: Pick Up Your Camera Everyday

That’s it! I know, it seems way too simple. This is the easiest, most basic, everyone can do it, photography tip you will ever hear and yet it is the one most guaranteed to change your photography.

Picking up your camera intentionally, everyday, with the purpose of practicing new skills and playing with the things you’ve learned and are learning about your camera will have the biggest impact on your photography.

Of course there are a lot of other beginner photography lessons for you to learn along the way. As your learning gets deeper and deeper though, the need to practice everyday will be just as important. The reality is that this isn’t a tip just for beginners, but for all skill levels. As with any other area of art mastery comes through continued practice. Whether your are a beginner photographer or an advanced one the importance of intentionally using your camera each and every day so that you become a master at this skill is vital.

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