Capturing the chaos even when it’s not picture perfect | Beginner Photography Classes

It’s that time of year again where your Instagram feed is about to blow up with adorable photos of little ones snuggled up in their Christmas PJ’s. Happy families cutting down their Christmas tree together. And of course the classic tree shot – you know the one with the perfect lighting on the perfectly decorated tree.

I’ll be honest, as a photographer and as a mom, I love those images. I would love for my own personal Instagram feed to be filled with them.

Want to know the truth though?  That’s often not my reality.

Example, we spent three, THREE, hours this weekend getting a Christmas tree. This was not your normal trek to the Christmas tree farm. This was a saga filled with closed tree farms and mishaps along the way. It’s a long story but let’s just say by the end of it I did NOT have an adorable photo of three happy children standing cutely in front of a tree.

It would be really easy for me to think that because my reality looks nothing like the gorgeous photos that fill my Instagram or Facebook feed that it’s not worth documenting and recording with photos. It’s easy to feel like if your kids aren’t all wearing adorable matching Christmas PJ’s then is it even worth documenting?!

Even typing that out I see the ridiculousness in that sentiment. I have a feeling though that I’m not the only mom who has felt that way at times.

And so I’m preaching to my own heart here as well as all of you mama’s out there who have felt like their reality isn’t “pretty” enough for an Instagram square.

Your story doesn’t have to be “Pinterest perfect” or “Instagram perfect” in order for you to document it.

Your story is being shaped and written in a way that is uniquely yours and because of that it’s worth noticing, remembering and even documenting in photos.

I may not have the “perfect” photo from our tree buying experience this year, but I what I do have are a lot of photos that tell our story. Photos that show my five year old who wouldn’t stop singing Christmas carols long enough to take a decent photo. And my son who wouldn’t stand still long enough to photograph because there were too many trees to see and check out before we found the perfect one. And yes, even the ones of my oldest daughter who’s decided that it’s not cool to let mom take your photo (insert eye roll).

So here’s to all the imperfectly beautiful moments that tell our stories. May your camera rolls be filled with them this Christmas.

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