Kaplan Family Session in New Hampshire

Linsay and I have known each other long enough that I really don’t remember the first time we met. Maybe it was kindergarten? first grade? Suffice it to say that it’s been a long time! In elementary school we had a “girls club” at her house devoted to crafts, sewing and baking. Those afternoons are some of my favorite memories!

Over the years whenever I am visiting family back in New Hampshire we try to fit in a visit- first as college students, later including our husbands, and now our kids.

This was the first time I got to meet the littlest addition to their family – what a sweetheart! It was such a joy to photograph Linsay and her sweet family! And of course, being in New Hampshire, I could not have asked for a more beautiful backdrop for this sweet family session!

October 09, 2013-IMG_3979

October 09, 2013-IMG_3952

October 09, 2013-IMG_3956

October 09, 2013-IMG_3957

October 09, 2013-IMG_3851

October 09, 2013-IMG_3855

October 09, 2013-IMG_3927

October 09, 2013-IMG_3929

October 09, 2013-IMG_3860

October 09, 2013-IMG_3865

October 09, 2013-IMG_3937

October 09, 2013-IMG_3869

October 09, 2013-IMG_3888

October 09, 2013-IMG_3895

October 09, 2013-IMG_3949

October 09, 2013-IMG_3901

October 09, 2013-IMG_3898

October 09, 2013-IMG_4011

October 09, 2013-IMG_4017

October 09, 2013-IMG_4023

October 09, 2013-IMG_4026

October 09, 2013-IMG_4050

October 09, 2013-IMG_4057

October 09, 2013-IMG_4059

October 09, 2013-IMG_4065-2

October 09, 2013-IMG_4075

October 09, 2013-IMG_4150

October 09, 2013-IMG_4159

October 09, 2013-IMG_4168

October 09, 2013-IMG_4189

A Perfect Night at Hummingbird Nest Ranch

I hope you all have been enjoying the What to Wear Wednesday posts from the lovely Christie! I know they have already given me so many ideas for what to have my own family wear for our next portrait sessions!

It just so happens that I have some pictures to post from Christie’s recent portrait session with her precious littles! We did this session up at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley- a drool worthy location, I might add! We had such gorgeous lighting that night and it all just came together to make this one of my favorite sessions to date.  Enjoy!

ventura county baby family photographer-18052013

ventura county baby family photographer-18622013

ventura county baby family photographer-18452013

ventura county baby family photographer-18292013
ventura county baby family photographer-18922013

ventura county baby family photographer-18422013

ventura county baby family photographer-18692013

ventura county baby family photographer-19062013

ventura county baby family photographer-19162013

ventura county baby family photographer-19232013

ventura county baby family photographer-19572013

ventura county baby family photographer-18772013

ventura county baby family photographer-19632013

ventura county baby family photographer-19842013