Kaplan Family Session in New Hampshire

Linsay and I have known each other long enough that I really don’t remember the first time we met. Maybe it was kindergarten? first grade? Suffice it to say that it’s been a long time! In elementary school we had a “girls club” at her house devoted to crafts, sewing and baking. Those afternoons are some of my favorite memories!

Over the years whenever I am visiting family back in New Hampshire we try to fit in a visit- first as college students, later including our husbands, and now our kids.

This was the first time I got to meet the littlest addition to their family – what a sweetheart! It was such a joy to photograph Linsay and her sweet family! And of course, being in New Hampshire, I could not have asked for a more beautiful backdrop for this sweet family session!

October 09, 2013-IMG_3979

October 09, 2013-IMG_3952

October 09, 2013-IMG_3956

October 09, 2013-IMG_3957

October 09, 2013-IMG_3851

October 09, 2013-IMG_3855

October 09, 2013-IMG_3927

October 09, 2013-IMG_3929

October 09, 2013-IMG_3860

October 09, 2013-IMG_3865

October 09, 2013-IMG_3937

October 09, 2013-IMG_3869

October 09, 2013-IMG_3888

October 09, 2013-IMG_3895

October 09, 2013-IMG_3949

October 09, 2013-IMG_3901

October 09, 2013-IMG_3898

October 09, 2013-IMG_4011

October 09, 2013-IMG_4017

October 09, 2013-IMG_4023

October 09, 2013-IMG_4026

October 09, 2013-IMG_4050

October 09, 2013-IMG_4057

October 09, 2013-IMG_4059

October 09, 2013-IMG_4065-2

October 09, 2013-IMG_4075

October 09, 2013-IMG_4150

October 09, 2013-IMG_4159

October 09, 2013-IMG_4168

October 09, 2013-IMG_4189

The Beach in February

Having grown up in New Hampshire, where they currently still have several feet of snow, it’s still a little bit surreal for me to do a beach photo shoot in February. But here in Southern California, that’s exactly what we did for this gorgeous family! And while, yes, it was a little chilly and a bit windy, these kiddos were troopers! I am so excited to share this pictures with you!

February 09, 2013-IMG_8755

February 09, 2013-IMG_8736

february 2013 southern california baby family photography-IMG_8802