Ways to Enjoy Your Everyday Photos from a family photographer

If you’re reading this I probably don’t have to convince you of the value of taking family portraits. You already know how fleeting time is, how fast babies grow up and how hazy “mommy brain” can make those moments you never want to forget. As a family photographer I’m all about preserving those memories, and as I mom I want to make that as easy as possible.

The problem most moms today face is not that they don’t take photos to document their family story, but that once they have them they don’t know what to DO with them! I’m sure you’ve head it said how we are the most photographed generation. We also happen to be the generation with the least amount of photos actually printed and enjoyed! You see, the problem is that most of those photos sit on phones and computers and rarely get looked at.

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From a family photographer: My top 3 way to enjoy your everyday photos


I know this one seems pretty obvious. But I know for many of us the last time we printed photos was probably a long time ago- as in that two year old in those photos you printed is now off to school. Yeah, I’m right there with you mama! But printing your photos and having those physical copies of your memories to look at it a HUGE part of making sure your memories don’t get lost in the cloud. Need a recommendation for printing? Here’s one of my favorite sources:

Mpix.  Mpix offers a huge range of print sizes that start at just 19ċ a print this is an affordable way to get prints made. summer photo prints

Persnickety Prints. I think these prints from Persnickety are still some of the prettiest prints I have! While a lot of places now offer square prints that are perfect for all those Instagram photos, Persnickety Prints was one of the first that I found years ago. And the thing I love? You can sync your Instagram account directly with persnickety prints and simply select the photos you want to print- no need to upload your photos to their site! Choose from 3 different prints sizes (3×3,4×4 or 5×5) and several different paper options for these gorgeous press printed photos.

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Photo Albums.

Yep, that’s right just like grandma always had. Because sometimes the best way to enjoy your photos doesn’t change that much over the years.

My absolute favorite album system to use is from Project Life These pocket albums allow you to simply slide your prints in and even include pockets that fit cards perfect for journaling. So easy to use! You also have the option of using the digital version of Project Life and making your pages on your computer OR thru their app. Order your your pages as 8×8 or 12×12 prints and simply slide them into the protective album pages.

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Photo Books.

As a family photographer one of my favorite products is the photo book. I love that this has become something that anyone can make with their everyday photos too! The options for making photo books abound! Here are a few of my favorites. Chatbooks is the the perfect solution for getting all those Instagram worthy moments off your phone and printed in an album to enjoy. It’s fast and easy and all done directly from your phone. Use the link HERE to receive $10 off your first order!

Mpix. This site offers high quality prints and photo products including photo books that are perfect for your . Sizes range from 5×5 to panoramic 11×8 ½.

Project Life. This ap is available for iphone, ipad and android and has been an absolute life saver for me when it comes to doing something with my photos. Design 8×8 or 12×12 pages that can either be printed separately and inserted in an album OR can be printed as a bound photo book. Best part is, it’s all done from your phone!

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