Family Photos at the Beach

It’s one of the many perks of living in Southern California- pictures at the beach! I’ve done family photos at the beach for families here on vacation and for families that live here. Either way, family photos at the beach are a beautiful and fun way to capture document your family and tell your story in photos.

One of my family ways to capture authentic photos of a family is to simply document them together, at play and being themselves. And family photos at the beach are one of the easiest places to let this happen! When you give kids and parents the freedom to just play and be themselves in front of the camera, there is so much beauty that unfolds and what results is some of my favorite moments.

This family beach session was done at the beach in Malibu. We got so many great, more traditional photos of this family together as well as individuals of their kids. But of course, my favorite images are the ones of them exploring, climbing on rocks, looking for things in the sand and water.

Already planning for your family photos at the beach? Well, then my advice to you is to not stress the little things like outfits and hair looking perfect. Instead, go into your session prepared to have fun and enjoy your time with your family. The more that becomes the focus of your session, the more likely you are to have photos that authentically capture your family and your story.


3 Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing for Your Beach Photo Session