Posing Guide for Moms: Feel Confident and Look Good in Photos

We all want to look good in photos. And no matter how much I stress to you that your kids don’t care- they see you in a photo WITH them and that’s all that matters- we’ve all worried at some at some point about whether or not we look good in photos.  I completely believe that my job as a lifestyle family photographer take the pressure off of having to worry about looking good in photos and instead focuses on telling your story with the ones you love. BUT I also believe that knowledge is power and can make you feel so much more confident. Sometime all it takes is knowing a few good tricks about how to look good in photos to make you feel better about your next on camera appearance.

5 tips to help you look good in photos

1.  Angle yourself toward the camera. When you stand squared off to the camera it makes you look boxy. Angle your body by pointing one shoulder toward the camera and the other away.

look good in photos moms posing guide thousand oaks family photographer

2. Relax your arms and hands. Avoid keeping your arms stiff and straight. Not quite sure what to do with your hands? While the classic hand on the hip always works, so does holding hands, or putting your arm around one of your kids.

3. Bend slightly at the waist and lean in toward the camera. No one wants to look stiff and unnatural in a picture. Bending just slightly at the waist as well as keeping your elbows and knees from locking up will help avoid that stiff posed look.

4. Keep your chin up. Avoid pulling your chin down and in. Instead keep your chin out and towards the camera to help elongate your neck. Rule of thumb to look good in photos is chin towards the camera, hips away.

5. Pull your kids close. This is my favorite way to help mom’s feel great and look good in photos. Wrap your arms around your kiddos and place them in front of you. This a great solution if you are self-conscious in front of the camera and also makes for sweet photos of you with your kids.

look good in photos- thousand oaks family photographer

What matters most to your kids is that you jump in the photo WITH them. These tips are designed to help you feel and look confident in photos so that you can do just that. If you want to download a printable version of these tips to help you look good in photos than click the link below!

Posing Guide for Moms: 5 Tips to help you look & feel confident in photos


You can also watch the video below as I talk through these 5 tips!

posing guide for moms to help you look and feel thin and confident in photos

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