Los Angeles Family Photographer: wall art and what to wear for photos

As a Los Angeles Family Photographer one of the biggest questions I get asked after a family books a session is, “What should we wear?” And as a mom, I totally get it! what to wear for a session is one of the most stressful parts of planning and preparing for family photos. You want to choose clothes for yourself and your family that are flattering and a good representation of who you are as a family but you also want them to coordinate and make sense together.

I love getting to help each family pick clothes that will photograph well, but also will complement them as we take photos that tell their story. For those of you who are looking for a Los Angeles Family Photographer, I have several favorite tips and tricks for picking out what to wear for family photos, but the one I want to share with you here today is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of planning for what to wear, and one that this sweet family did so perfectly that I just had to share!

what to wear tips

While I could go on and on about choosing coordinating rather than matching colors, or how to add texture and layers to your outfits, one of the biggest considerations you should have as you plan out what to wear for family pictures is the location where your pictures will be displayed.

This might seem a little backward but, hear me out! Ultimately, my goal as a Los Angeles Family Photographer is to create beautiful photos that tell your story so that you can display and enjoy them as beautiful art in your home for years to come. If our end goal is to make beautiful art for your home, doesn’t it make sense that what you wear for your family photos should be considered in light of the location you want to display them?

2 things to consider when coordinating outfits with your home decor:

  1. The style of your home: Is you home super traditional or more trendy and modern? Is the room where they will be displayed a formal area or more of a family hang out space? Each of these questions should inform the way that you dress for family photos! A more traditional style in a formal living space calls for more traditional or formal clothing. Does your house have a funky, bohemian style? What you wear for pictures should fit in with that style too! If you plan on hanging photos in a more casual space in your home it make sense that what you wear for those photos should be more casual too.
  2. Consider the colors: choice colors that coordinate with the colors you have in the space where the photos will be displayed. A room filled with cool blues should have colors that match or coordinate with it. If you love the way red pops in a photo, but would never decorate with red in your home then chances are you aren’t going to love the way it looks in the pictures displayed on your walls.

Los Angeles Family Photography

This sweet family is one that I’ve been photographing for years and this session was one of my favorites! I just love the colors they chose and they way they coordinated together as a family. What you should also know is that their outfits so perfectly coordinate with the style and feel of their home as well as the colors they’ve decorated with. These pictures of their gorgeous family are great on their own, but the fact that they so perfectly go with the space they will be displayed in means that they will be enjoyed for years to come.

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Both the mom’s dress and little girls dress from this photo shoot are by LulaRoe. You can shop here: tinyurl.com/gvuyfrl