Using the Selfie to Get in the Frame with Your Kids: 3 Tips for Taking a Selfie with Kids

Using the Selfie to Get in the Frame with Your kids: 3 Tips for Taking a Selfie with Kids

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I’m all about the importance of mom’s getting in front of the camera with their kids and with the birth of the selfie getting in the frame has never been easier. As a a family photographer I’ve heard all the excuses from moms about why they haven’t had professional family photos taken- I haven’t lost the baby weight being at the top of the list. But what about everyday photos and snapshots with your family? Are you getting into those photos? My challenge for you is to get in the frame with your kids today and I’m giving you 3 “Mama Selfie” tips to help you make it happen. So grab your phone and your kids and start snapping!

3 Tips For Taking A Selfie With Kids

  1. Lighting matters- find the best natural light for your selfie. This goes for any photo you take- you need a good light source. I always prefer natural light when it’s available. Make sure you face towards the light instead of having it behind you in order to light up any shadows across your face as you take your photo with your kiddos.
  2. Play it natural- snuggle, kiss, laugh, make silly faces. Be natural with your kiddos as you take your selfie with them. You may have noticed that kids are the most natural selfie takers, mostly because for them it’s all about having fun- not about trying to put out a certain image in their selfie. So take a lesson from your kids and enjoy the moment as you capture yourself on camera with your kids.
  3. Pay attention to angles. While your top priority in a selfie with your kiddos is to capture the connection you have with them, you may also want to play with the angles in your photo to keep it as flattering as possible. Consider how you have yourself angled towards the camera. Straight on may see them most natural but isn’t always the most flattering. Try tilting or angling your head toward the camera. Also, consider the angle you are holding your phone at. Holding your phone down below the level of your face can be unflattering, while keeping the phone at or above face level is generally more flattering.

The number one goal of all of this is to get in the frame and capture the connection between you and your kiddos! These tips are designed to help you feel confident as you take a selfie with your kids, but remember your kids don’t care as much about how you look as the connection they have with you and seeing that in pictures as they grow.

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