Senior Pictures: 3 Reasons to Ditch the Traditional Senior Portrait

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Senior pictures. If nothing else can be said about the traditional senior pictures seen in yearbooks all over- it’s consistent. Seriously though, take a look at your parents, grand-parents, even great grandparents’ senior yearbook photo and aside from some dramatic differences in hairstyles you’re not going to find much of a change. You know what else you want find in those traditional senior portraits? Personality.

You see, stick a senior in front of standard backdrop, tell them to smile and call it a portrait does nothing to convey WHO that person is and the story they have to tell. The number one thing I hear from parents and high school seniors is that they want senior pictures that capture who they are and their personality- something the traditional senior portrait fails to do.

It’s the reason I love lifestyle photography. Here are 3 Reasons to chuck the traditional senior portrait in favor of a lifestyle senior photo session.

3 reasons to ditch traditional senior pictures

1.They’re all the same.

That’s right every single traditional senior portrait taken for the yearbook is the same, and while that may be just fine for the yearbook is that really how you want to remember this important time in life? A lifestyle senior photo session gives you the opportunity to do something different – something that everyone else is NOT doing. Each of my senior sessions have been so unique because we are able to use various locations that make their session stand out. From grassy fields, the horse stable or a an urban location, these senior pictures stand out from the yearbook backdrop. 

2. They don’t capture true personality.

And above all else senior pictures should capture personality and who you really are! Senior photo sessions can and should be so much fun. And they should capture the true personality of each senior. 

3. Lifestyle sessions create art that captures this unique stage of life.

Your photos should extend far beyond just a photo in the yearbook. The beauty of  lifestyle senior pictures is that they become art to display in your home. Whether through larger prints, canvases or custom albums, the images from each session become a beautiful way to document this unique time.


Looking for tips on what to wear for your lifestyle senior session? Check out my Pinterest Boards for some what to wear inspiration.

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