Simi Valley Lifestyle Photographer: Laughter filled family session

Most of us have some reservations about being in front of the camera for family photos. It’s not where we feel the most natural or at home. So how do we expect to get natural looking family photos when we feel awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’m a Simi Valley lifestyle photographer and while I know going into a photo session that it can be a little awkward to try to be yourselves as someone’s following you around with a camera. BUT I also truly believe that lifestyle photos that capture your true personality as a family are well worth the effort.

So how do we make that happen? I believe that lifestyle photography is unique in that it encourages you to relax and be yourself, to stop worrying about looking and smiling perfectly in front of the camera. Instead you have the freedom to be yourself and interact with the ones you love throughout the session in a way that feel natural.

Laughter filled family session

I so appreciate the families I photograph and the ways they let me in to see a little glimpse of their family life as I photograph them. And this family is no exception! I had so much fun taking their pictures and came away knowing one thing for sure…this is a family that loves to laugh and knows how to have fun together!

Knowing that about them and witnessing it first hand during out session, that’s what I wanted to capture during this Simi Valley lifestyle photo session. While we still got some beautiful, more traditional portraits, my favorite photos are always the ones where everyone is interacting and laughing and being themselves.









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