Simi Valley Lifestyle Photography: 3 Reasons to Love Lifestyle Photography

Just like any other art form from music, to fashion to even architecture, photography experiences the influence of certain trends. One of the trends that has become increasingly popular is lifestyle photography and I have to tell you it’s a trend that I hope is here for a long time to come!

lifestyle family photography Simi Valley

Simi Valley Lifestyle Photography

By definition lifestyle photography aims to capture people in real-life events or situations and to create art out of the everyday. Lifestyle photography may seem strange to you if you are used to the traditional idea of family portraits where everyone sits and looks at the camera. Instead, lifestyle photography focuses on the everyday interactions and relationships and seeks to make beautiful art out of them. Here are three reasons why I think you should Love Lifestyle Photography!

3 Reasons to Love Lifestyle Photography

  1. It takes the pressure off of being perfect. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of pressure we put on ourselves when it comes to getting ready for photos. We want everyone to look perfect- outfits perfectly coordinated, hair done just so, and the “picture perfect” smiles on everyones faces. But the reality is that life doesn’t always work out that way and chances are that as much as we strive after perfection someone is going to show up with messed up hair, or decide to walk through the the mud as soon as they get out of the car, or debut a new and less then “picture perfect” smile just for photos. (and heaven help us when all three of these things happen!). Lifestyle photography encourages you to not focus on all the imperfections but instead to focus on the beauty in everyday life. Because mistakes and imperfections are a part of our unfolding story and there’s a beauty that unfolds there in the midst of them.

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  2. Lifestyle photography helps you remember the little things. Lifestyle photography focuses on all the little things that you may not think to capture, but never want to forget. The way she held onto your finger as she’s learning to walk. The perfect curve of the cheeks. All of the little tiny moments that we want to drink in and remember for always. Lifestyle photography recognizes those moments and seeks to capture not just the big picture of you all together as a family, but also all the little intricate details that make up those moments.

  3. Lifestyle photography focuses on capturing authentic expressions that tell your story. I love a good photo where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling just as much as the next person. But the photos that really grab me are not the posed photos where everyones looking, but the ones that capture authentic expressions and the unique relationships in a family. The photo where a mama looks adoringly at her child. Or where mom and dad are looking at each other while the kids wiggle and squirm. Lifestyle photography is all about capturing the laughter, the squirming kids, the snuggles, and even the tears. And those are the photos we connect with because their the photos the speak to us of the story we’re living. Lifestyle photos give us a little glimpse at the love, connection, and emotion all wrapped up and tangled through our story and allow us to connect with those images because of what they represent and the story they tell.

Lifestyle family photography is all about you and telling your story in a way that captures it and creates beautiful art. You can check out some other examples of lifestyle photo sessions below. Interested in finding out more about booking your own lifestyle session? Fill out the Contact form below!

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