Simi Valley Portraits : 3 Fun Ways to use Valentines Day Photos

Jenny-Starkey-Photography-Simi-Valley-PortraitsValentines day portrait sessions are coming up the next two weekends and I am so excited for these adorable little portraits. These Simi Valley portraits are the perfect way to capture all the cuteness of your little love bugs this time of year!

Simi Valley Portraits

Now, I know some of you, practical ones that you are, are thinking…what do I do with Valentines day photos??? And it’s true..these photos from last years Simi Valley kids portrait sessions are adorable..but what do you do with these stinking’ cute photos??

I am a huge advocate of not just taking pictures and letting them sit on your phone or computer never to be seen again! So here are 3 fun ways you can use you Valentine’s Day themed photos!

3 fun ways to use Valentine’s Day Photos

  1. Hello Social Media! Valentines day photos are the perfect way to send out Valentines greetings on Facebook and Instagram. One of my favorite parts of social media is getting to stay update on friends and their families throughout the year and this is such a fun way to do that. And a little bonus- if you use the time hop app these photos will be so fun to look back on next year.
  2. Add to your holiday decor. If you are the type of person who uses every holiday as an excuse to decorate, then this is the perfect option for you! I love having a few frames around the house that I change out with cute photos for each holiday. It’s so fun too as the years pass to see Valentines day photos of my kids from the last several years. What a fun way to see how your little ones have grown over the last year!
  3. Use them to send out Valentines to family members. This is possibly my favorite way to use Valentines day photos- use them as gifts! Frame them and give as a gift or go somewhere like and use your photos to make Valentines day cards! This will be something they treasure for years to come!

Want to be a part of this years Valentine’s Day Simi Valley Portraits? Click here for all the details!