Simi Valley Senior Pictures: Capture what you love

If you follow along with me at all over on Instagram or Facebook then you may know that one of the things I am super passionate about is the importance of documenting your days and documenting the people and things you love. And why should it be any different when it comes to your senior photos?? When I take Simi Valley senior pictures my goal is to take photos that truly capture who that senior is right now at this important part of life- what are their passions, the things they love? What defines each senior and drive them as they move on into a new phase of life? And maybe most importantly, how can I capture a portrait that makes mom and dad say, “YES! That completely captures her!”

One of the totally unique things about Senior pictures is that it is one hundred percent about documenting each senior and what makes them tick-what is the thing they love best of all? What image is going to completely capture their story? Your senior pictures shouldn’t look like everyone else’s because YOU are not everyone else! The thing that is so great about senior photos is that I have the unique opportunity to take the thing I love- creating art with my camera- and combine it with the things each of my senior’s love. The result is photos that completely capture their personality while also being beautiful art to adorn the walls of their parent’s home for years to come. 

senior pictures with her horse

For Hannah, there was no question that we would have her horse in her senior photos. We met up at the riding club where she rides, which was such a gorgeous location for this session. And as a former horse girl myself, I LOVED every minute of this Simi Valley Senior Session.  I so wish that I had photos like this with my horses in high school! Hannah is beautiful and smart and such a passionate person and I just I loved getting to see and photograph her in her element!