Making your family photo session stress free part 2: My top 5 “gotta have it” items for family photos

So in my last post we talked about how to plan out what to wear for your family photo session. Once you have your outfits all planned out though here are a few more things you  may want to think about bringing to your session especially if you have young children:

  1. Wipes! I don’t care how old your kids are these can be a life saver! Weather it’s a messy face or dirt from your session location, these are just great to have on hand.
  2. Small snacks or treats. When it comes to family photos I’m not opposed to a little bribery! Having something simple like cheerios on hand for little ones or a candy such as smarties to use as a bribe/motivation can be helpful. Whatever you bring though, make sure it’s not going to stain their lips or mouth! Nothing worse than bright blue lips in your pictures!
  3. A comb or brush to fix wayward hair. Enough said 😉
  4. If your child has a “lovey” (blanket, favorite stuffed animal, etc) bring it along. Even if you don’t want it in your pictures, this can be great for comforting and soothing your little ones in between photos. Case in point, in the picture below…Mom has a pacifier behind her back that we used in between shots to make this little one happy. And from the smiles we captured with this little trick, I can definitely say it worked!
  5. Lip stick or lipgloss to touch up your makeup, because the kids aren’t the only ones who need to look good!!


Making your family photo session stress free

Don’t forget that the goal of all of this planning is to capture YOUR family at their best and to tell your story! A few extra steps on the front end can make this process so much more fun for you!

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