Thousand Oaks Family Photo session | Photos with a Busy Toddler

This session Thousand Oaks family photo session was so much fun! Mamas, if you ever worry about trying to take family photos with a busy toddler this session is proof that busy, on-the-go toddlers make for super fun family photos!

I hear it over and over again from moms as we talk through the details of their session- they are worried about getting their kids to behave and look “just right” for family photos. As a lifestyle photographer my goal isn’t to get photos of you all looking perfect! Instead my goal is to take images that tell YOUR story and capture the natural beauty that’s already there as you love and connect with the ones you love!

When that’s the goal- simply to get beautiful images of who your family really is, then all the pressure is taken off! You don’t have to worry about looking perfect, or your kids sitting still for photos. You are fee to just be yourselves! While gorgeous weather in a beautiful setting helps, the real beauty in this Thousand Oaks family photo session is simply the love and connection that we captured.

How did we go about capturing that love and connection? My family photo sessions are all about playing and being together. When that is the focus then the love and connection is obvious and so easy to capture. A huge thank you to this sweet family who was so fun to spend time with. Capturing their story was such a joy!

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