Thousand Oaks Family Photos | Busy Family of Five

I know I’ve said this before- I LOVE lifestyle photography. I love getting to capture authentic, true to life and yet absolutely beautiful moments like the ones we documented in these Thousand Oaks family photos.

I know that there is a time and place for the posed, everyone looking at the camera and smiling photo. But the photos that I love the most both as a photographer and as a mom are the ones where no ones looking at the camera and instead what is captured is the love and connection of the people in the photos.

The other thing I absolutely love about lifestyle family photos is how low stress they can be for a family with little kids. These types of photos aren’t about getting your kids to sit still and look at the camera. It’s all about playing with them and me following around after you and capturing the authentic moments that make your family beautiful. Take a look at these Thousand Oaks family photos and I think you will find that’s exactly what we accomplished.

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