Tuesday Photo Tip: 3 Reasons why you should take pictures on your phone

I don’t know why it is, but when people find out I’m a photographer I typically get the comment about how they need to update their family photos, etc. Sometimes though they start “confessing.” They confess things like,  “I haven’t printed our pictures in years!” or “I have all these pictures and just have never hung them up!” My goal in doing a Tuesday photo tip is to address some of these “photography dirty little secrets”  and hopefully help you overcome them. 

Today I want to address one “photography dirty little secret” that I hear all the time-  “I have a nice camera, but pretty much always just use my phone.”  I hear this one ALL. THE. TIME. And guess, what my response is every time? That’s OK!!!

Here’s the thing, we’re not talking about the grainy images we all took on our flip phones anymore (although I did JUST see someone at the zoo taking pictures with a flip phone and almost died! ) Most of us have smartphones that have a pretty decent camera…and by decent, I mean better quality then the first point-and-shoot digital cameras we all had at one point.

Can you get a better quality photo on a DSLR? Of course. Does that mean you shouldn’t use your phone? Nope, and here’s why:

  1. Using your smartphone camera allows you to be present in the moment. We take pictures to remember moments we don’t want to forget. Tiny little snippets of time captured on camera simply because those moments represent something that is precious to us. But how many times do we get so focused on capturing the moment on camera that we forget to also enjoy it and be present IN the moment. Well of course this can still happen when you are using your phone, I truly fee like the small size and ease of use of my smartphone camera better facilitates me interacting and participating in the moment as opposed to my bulky DSLR.
  2. Downloading and printing photos from your phone has never been easier. In fact many of you probably already have your phones set up to automatically sync with your computer. Your photos are automatically saved and stored without you having to so much as think about it. (If you don’t have this set up I recommend googling how to do this with your specific phone). Not only that, but almost every consumer photo lab now has an app that you can download and order prints directly from your phone! How’s that for cutting out the whole downloading and uploading to print process- ain’t nobody got time for that!  My personal favorite for ordering prints is Mpix Tap to Print– gorgeous prints ordered directly from your phone!
  3. So many options! One of my favorite things about taking pictures on my phone is all of the fun options when it comes to photo taking and editing,  most of which are super easy to use. Don’t feel like you are locked in to only taking pictures with the camera app that comes automatically on your phone. One of my personal favorite camera apps is camera+ because it gives you so much control over the picture as you are taking it.  When it comes to editing, there are so many fun options out there. Many of these have filters that can automatically be added to your photos as well as giving you the ability to adjust and edit for specific things like exposure, etc.  A few of my favorite apps for editing include PicTapGo, Afterlight, VSCO, and A Beautiful Mess, just to name a few. Most of these are free, so download and just play around with them and see which one works best for your needs.

The best camera is the one that you have with you.

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