What to Wear: Fall Vibes in So Cal

Labor day has officially come and gone….so can I please start talking ALL about FALL??!!

Yes? Ok! So since moving to Southern California 14 years ago one of the things I still lament to this day is that there is no real fall in here. And while I’ve embraced the year round sandals (though not without a fight) and stopped trying to pull out my sweaters in September, I still miss having a real fall where I can layer and get cozy.

And I know I’m not alone because in almost every fall family session I shoot I have moms lamenting the cute sweaters they wanted to dress their kids in but couldn’t because of the 90 degree weather in October. The struggle is real people!
With that in mind I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks giving you some What to Wear inspiration that’s specifically designed to bring a little fall into you outfits while still being practical for our hot Southern California weather. Today’s outfit is all about that gorgeous duster! The colors just scream fall to me. And pair it with a great pair of jeans and a hat and you are ready for pumpkin spice lattes. . . don’t worry you can always drink it inside in the air conditioning and pretend it’s cold 😉

Fall Vibes


Anthropologie clothing

Madewell flat shoes

Hinge panama hat