What to Wear for Family Photos: Doing Neutrals Right

Color, color, color! You’re going to hear it over and over again from pretty much every photographer out there- Incorporate color into your outfits for a great family photo. And it’s true! My normally recommended formula for a family session is a 2 to 3 coordinating colors- something that pops! But….there’s always an exception, right??

And I’m here to tell you that, yes indeed, there is an exception, because done the right way a whole lot of neutrals can look pretty darn good in your family photo session. . . as long as you do it right.

Now, what I’m NOT talking about is the early 1990’s throwback with everyone in denim and white t-shirts! And if you’ve done this very scenario for family pictures…I really mean no offense! But let’s keep in mind that it’s not the 90’s anymore! We can all breathe a big sigh of relief and move on from that look 😉

So what does it look like to effectively use a neutral color palette for a family photo session? Here’s a few helpful things to keep in mind:

  1. Use a variety of neutrals. Rather than sticking to one or two naturals (such as the circa 1995 denim and white) use a variety of neutrals- varying shades of grey, white, and black can all be used.
  2. Use pattern. Just because you are using a neutral color palette doesn’t mean that you have to forgo pattern! This is a fun way to add variety to the mix.
  3. Add the occasional pop of color. Just because you are using neutrals doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun pop of color. I always recommend that family outfits include a wild card. This could be an unexpected pop of color or bold pattern that no one else is wearing. Throwing this in with a child’s outfit is a fun and easy way to do this.

Check out these examples for some ideas of how to put together your own neutral outfits for your next family photo session!

Doing Neutrals Right


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