What to Wear Wednesday- The Minimalist

Well hey there lovely readers! My name is Christie I am pretty over the moon to be guesting over here on Jenny’s blog for a few weeks. I have dabbled in the blogging world here and there focusing mostly on fashion. As a mom of 3 under the age of 5 and living on a very real budget I find the challenge of feeling cute & current pretty fun! So when Jenny asked me to fill in for a few weeks for the “What to Wear Wednesday” posts I was really excited, a little nervous, and totally flattered!! Because let’s face it, Jenny is just the cutest…

So let me just introduce myself:ventura county baby family photographer-10312013Yup! That’s me! You’ve seen me before because Jenny took this photo earlier in the summer 🙂 She is fantastic. So now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s get down to business! What to wear in a photo shoot!!! I want to start with what is probably my favorite concept for a photo shoot. The Minimalist.

The concept? Casual pant, plain tshirts, little to no pops of color, tennis shoes (she is actually wearing heels which is super cool). The rules? Don’t wear the same shades of pants. Don’t wear the same color tshirts. Throw on a belt, scarf or a cool accessory. Why this works? You will not get sick of it. This is you, the way you normally look! This won’t go out of style. You won’t feel stressed out the day of the photo shoot. You probably already have this stuff in the closet! Win, Win, Win! I Likey.
Here’s a little collection of ideas for your viewing pleasure:

The Minimalist Family Photo Shoot
Hope that gives you some great ideas for your next photo shoot! I actually think it inspired mine for sure 🙂 Until next week! xoxo- Christie

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  1. I just stumbled onto your blog, Christie! I miss you blogs! Where do I find you?
    Love your work, Jenny

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