Family Photography: 3 tips to help you find the perfect location for family photos

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When it comes to family photography we tend to worry about two things. First, what to wear and next WHERE to have our session. I believe that family photos are all about telling your story and highlighting who you are as a family. I work hard to make sure that each session is done in location that helps us to do just that.

Family Photography Session: How to Choose a Location

1.Trust your photographer.  I know that may sound a little bit self-serving since I AM a photographer! Here’s the thing, your photographer is going to have at least a few favorite locations in mind that they know will work when it comes to lighting, and available backgrounds.  Your photographer is familiar with the layout of the location and knows exactly the best spots to take your photos. That being said, one of the first things I ask my families is if they have a specific “type” of location in mind. This gives me a good idea of what the client themselves has envisioned for their photos.  I may have a gorgeous field in mind,  but that doesn’t help if what you are picturing is an urban setting. The next two tips are designed to help your think through the type of location you want to use  for your family photography session so you can communicate that to your photographer.

Communicating what type of location you want for your family photography session

2. When choosing a location for your photo session consider the mood that will be set by the location. A Field, botanical garden, beach, or urban setting- all of these locations are going to set a different mood for your photo shoot. A field gives a a rustic, natural feel to your photos. Doing photos at a botanical garden or public park will most likely give your photos a more formal mood. The beach tends to have a more relaxed vibe. Think through the what mood and feeling the location will inject into your family photos.


3. Finally, consider are there any locations that have a sentimental significance for you and your family? Your session is all about telling your story and highlighting who you are as a family. A favorite park or beach, or even your home as the backdrop for your photos can add an extra layer of significance to your family photos.

So there you have it, my top 3 tips for choosing a location for your photography session that helps to tell your story at your next family photography session. Remember,  your photography location is ultimately just a backdrop for the more important part of the photos- you and your unique story.

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